FORT YATES, N.D. (KXNET) — Former Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Mike Faith is now running for a seat in the State Legislature.

Faith is running for the State House to represent District 31, which includes Morton and Sioux Counties.

“I also served on the tribal council a total of 22 years,” Faith said.

After two decades of being a voice for Native Americans at Standing Rock, Mike Faith says he wants to be a voice at the state capitol.

“District 31 is a massive district. It’s part of Morton, all of Sioux, Grant, and part of Hettinger,” Faith said.

Faith, who lives in Fort Yates, decided to run for the District 31 house race this year.

“The emergency management teams in the outlying areas of the districts seem to be forgotten at times,” Faith said. “We need to beef those up, the emergency management teams and first responders out there.”

Faith says he’d bring his experience working with local, state, and federal departments to the legislature.

He wants to focus on helping both veterans and seniors, but says with just under two weeks until election day, one of his biggest challenges will be encouraging more people living in Standing Rock to show up on Election Day.

“Reservations don’t really vote in state and federal elections,” Faith said. “It’s usually with the chairmanship and if it doesn’t coincide with federal and state, the numbers seem to drop. So, we have to encourage them to get out there.”

Faith now has just under two weeks to share that message with neighbors, across a district that stretches across four counties.

Faith says he plans to visit Flasher and Carson next week. He also hopes to rally voters in Sioux County before Election Day.

Faith is running against Republicans Dawson Holle and Karen Rohr.