MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A behavioral service is making sure that parents know how to work and interact with their child while outside the facility.

Fountain Behavioral Services in Minot currently offers parent training for parents who have a child with communication and social skill troubles.

Although most of the programs are done through the technicians, making sure their goals are met at home is up to the parents.

“We sit down with the parents, we explain to them things that we are working on here, and we kind of walk them through what that looks like. So the verbiage that we use, the materials that we’re utilizing during the sessions, and how we respond to different behaviors,” said Fountain Behavioral Services Registered Behavior Technician, Jamie Venable.

Making sure that both technicians and parents are on the same page is the key to quick success.

The programs implemented at Fountain Behavioral Services prepare the client to take on the world outside of the facility.

These programs can eliminate unwanted behaviors in children.

“It can come back but as long as you’re being consistent, it really will help just like everyone. That’s why it’s important for us to work together with parents to make sure that we’re all on the same page and working together, to go to that end goal,” stated Fountain Behavioral Services Clinical Director, Elise Felicio.

If facilities like Fountain Behavioral and the parents fail to work as one, the child may feel like they are being reinforced for their unwanted behavior.

“We try these things in clinic, we implement them, and once we see those results, that’s when we’re comfortable passing it along to the parents, to help make those times at home, as easy as they can possibly be,” added Venable.

Programs like this are also known as clinical protocols, allowing technicians, parents, and teachers to incorporate teachings into everyday life.

Fountain Behavioral Services currently has openings for new clients, if you and your child would like more information, check out the Fountain Behavioral Services website.