Dozens of Veterans are excited about a flight that will take off this weekend heading to Washington, D.C.

The trip is an event to honor those who were called to serve.

For years the honor flight had to be postponed because of the pandemic, now veterans are packing their bags in preparation for the moment to walk on board.

In addition to the flight, veterans will tour the city and receive recognition for their service.

KX News spoke with four brothers who served this country and they are beyond excited about going on this journey as a family.

The Mertz brothers grew up in a large family of nine brothers, each serving in the military.

“Back in 1952, is when my oldest brother joined the Navy and he served until 1972,” Marine veteran Curtis Mertz said.

“I always had some footsteps to where I could follow. I was the last and there was always someone ahead of me, and I tried to be like them,” Army veteran Clarence Mertz said.

Now, Clarence, Curtis, David, and William will all travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in The Western ND Honor Flight.

“I never went to Washington, D.C. I was going there about three years ago. I was on the east coast and then there was bad weather, and we did not go so this is a great privilege for me to go to Washington, DC,” Curtis Mertz said.

The brothers will be able to see the Lincoln, Memorial, Korean Memorial, and WWII Memorial.

“I’m ready to go,” William Mertz said.

“I like the seat by the wing,” Clarence Mertz said.

Clarence Mertz hasn’t been to Washington in over 50 years, which he says is important for him to go back, and he thinks it will be better to go with his brothers by his side.

“I visited Washington, DC back in 1967 before I even went to the service. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing the changes there because that was kind of a quick tour at that time, and it has quite grown since that time,” Clarence Mertz said.

“My brothers all said you should go, we should go as a team, and I figured it was a good thing we could do together,” Army veteran David Mertz said.

The veterans will board their honor flight this Sunday and there will actually be a police escort for them in Washington.