If you are planning on having a picnic or barbecue this Fourth of July weekend, remember to keep your food safe. A lot of the advice you’ll need is common sense, but it’s always good to give yourself a reminder.

When working with food, whether it’s inside or outside, it’s important to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use a food thermometer to check that the food is properly cooked. Chicken is fully cooked when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees and your beef burgers should reach 160 degrees to ensure it’s fully cooled.

“Always wash your knives and your cutting boards in between tasks,” Tjacobs Mude, BisMan Community Food co-op assistant manager, said. “Especially when you are changing from vegetables to meat and vice versa.”

“Basically, you just need to make sure your cold food is cold and your hot food is hot,” Erin Ourada, administrator at Custer Health, said. “And that everybody is washing their hands and utensils and not sharing utensils in between different food types. And if you are able to accomplish that you should have a fun and safe Fourth of July.”

Four practices to keep in mind to keep you and your guests well: clean your food and utensils, separate foods that can be easily cross-contaminated like meats and veggies, cook all raw meats to the proper temperatures and chill cold foods and any leftovers.