UPDATE 05/13/22: The free landfill day has been moved to May 21 due to weather issues. If you have questions, contact Williston Landfill Foreman Julie Hatter at julieh@ci.williston.nd.us, or call 701-577-8123.

If you’re a Williston resident and you’ve got junk to get rid of, we have good news.

On Saturday, May 21, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the annual Free Day at the Williston Landfill.

“We accept loads free of charge that includes your household wastes, your inert waste, your trees, compost. Compost is always free so that’s not a big one there, but we do accept up to four loads or four tires per load so it’s a good opportunity for folks to get rid of those things that are just kind of laying around in their yard,” said Williston Landfill Coordinator Julie Hatter.

There are, however, some things the landfill won’t take:

  • Liquids: such as paints and varnishes should be dried with cat litter or dirt until they solidify
  • Waste Oil: should go to the waste oil disposal site at the public works building
  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners: anything that contains freon is not accepted

As you may imagine, the landfill coordinator says this is a popular event each year with long lines of vehicles waiting to get in, so there will likely be a bit of a delay.

Also, be sure to strap and cover your load so the materials don’t blow off or fall off on the way to the landfill.