LINCOLN, N.D. (KXNET) — For those in the prison system, things can get a little lonely and a person can feel lost.

However, Freedom Prison Ministries aims to help those inmates.

Reporter Taylor Aasen met with Freedom Prison Ministries’ Vice-President, Renee Zahn, to talk more about what they do.

“We take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the prison system. Also, into the Burleigh County Jail and the transition centers that are here in Bismarck. I am back in the women’s prison in New England. I teach there on Thursdays, two different Bible studies. And then on Tuesdays, I’m back into Center and Mandan, I also teach Bible study there,” explained Zahn.

For Christmas, the ministry has what they call Angel Tree.

Angel Tree is a service that the ministry provides for the inmates’ children. Inmates sign up for their children to receive gifts. This year, the ministry is working with over 70 children.

If you are interested in donating to Freedom Prison Ministries and their cause, visit their website Freedom Prison Ministries.