Julie Schirado from Furry Friends Rockin Rescue braved the blizzard conditions to drop by for our weekly Friday segment to introduce us to two short-haired kittens. Kit is a black and white male and Caboodle is a tortoiseshell female.

Julie says she will have to face the weather anyway because she has to shovel a pathway into Furry Friends headquarters in Bismarck to take care of about 30 dogs and 7 cats.

The busy little kittens are ready to be adopted and they love dogs.

Schirado says if you’ve been following Furry Friend on Facebook or Instagram you know that Bismarck’s impound is fool and they can’t take any more dogs or cats. It’s Furry Friends’ job to start moving some animals to new owners or fosters so that the impound doesn’t have to start euthanizing the animals.

Furry Friends will do the leg work so that you can pick up a cat or dog. They’ll have the animal spayed or neutered and get it updated on all of the necessary shots.

It’s Furry Friends’ goal to raise $20 thousand a month to keep saving as many animals as possible.

Furry Friends has a raffle going on right now that you can pitch in to help the cause and maybe win a nice prize. They will then move into Giving Hearts day on February 9th to continue growing the rescue.