MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The long-awaited dip in gas prices is finally a reality.

Gas has dropped below $3 in most of the state, which hasn’t been seen in months.

With some gas stations still hovering around $3.09 in Minot, Simonsons, On the Run, and Sinclair on Burdick Expressway were some of the first gas stations to drop one gallon of unleaded gas to $2.99.

The western half of North Dakota is currently seeing the highest price per gallon of regular gas, with some of the rural areas seeing over $3.50 per gallon.

But the drop has given some residents relief and has added to their overall monthly budgets.

Which is perfect timing for Christmas and being able to give money to charity this time of year.

“Overall budget for sure. As I said, I do go through a lot of gas going to and from work and any time I have to come into town. It’s going to also help me bring money back into the community where it belongs, so that’s a big one for me, I really like to make sure I shop in the community,” said Rochelle Chapman, a Ward County resident.

As this winter storm approaches, emergency experts say it’s a good idea to fill your gas tank full, and even keep some extra on hand, before the snow starts to fall.