DICKINSON, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s almost motorcycle season, and many people are already planning their road trips.

But just like a lot of machinery, you need to make repairs and make sure your motorcycle is in good shape before the warmer months.

That’s what one business in Dickinson promises to do.

Frost Cycles and Repair is a new motorcycle and small engine repair shop on West Villard Street in Dickinson.

According to motorcycle.com, there are more than 32,000 motorcycles registered in North Dakota, and compared to our population, we have more motorcycles per capita than almost every other state in the country. We actually rank sixth in the whole country.

But we don’t have as many repair shops in the state to cover all these motorcycles.

That’s why the Dickinson shop reminds customers it’s important for businesses like theirs to open in our state.

“I have people coming from New Town, people coming from Williston, Minot., because they can’t get into Bismarck when they come here. If you love motorcycles as much as I do, come in. Just the passion of mine and my mechanics. We would love to meet you. We’d like to get the bikes on the road,” said Tonya Frost, the owner of Frost Cycles and Repairs.

Frost Cycles and Repair fixes motorcycles, dirt bikes, and other small machines.