MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — In addition to shopping for school supplies, parents should also be getting their children ready for school in other ways.

With school starting up soon, parents should be getting back to school ready, by getting kids their health checkups.

And we’re not just talking about doctor visits.

“Oral health is so important because it actually leads to the health throughout the rest of the body. So we want to make sure that we have a healthy oral cavity. We don’t want to have any cavities in there, cause that causes a lot of pain for children, even adults. And just going from those baby teeth to adult teeth is a very important time to make sure that we have that health,” said Regan McNally, a dental hygienist at the Dakota Dental Health Center.

It is recommended to take your child to the dentist after their first tooth comes in, and from then on, cleanings should be every six months.

And there are things your child can do in between visits, to help with their oral health.

“We want kids to make sure they’re brushing two times a day, morning and night. And then flossing preferably at night to get that food out from the day. Using a fluoride mouth rinse is also a great option for kids in between the fluoride treatments that we do here. Otherwise, avoiding sugary snacks and just having natural sugar, like from fruits and veggies, all that good stuff,” said McNally.

Another thing parents should add to their health checklist are comprehensive eye exams, which should happen every year for anyone over the age of five.

Eye exams are important for students because vision is critical for learning in school.

“A lot of our learning that we do is visual, so about 80% of the learning that takes place. So it’s really important that our eyes are working the way we need them to in order to be successful in school,” said Dr. Liza Stremick, an optometrist and owner of Eyes on Burdick.

And after your child has had an eye exam, there are things to look out for, to see if they need to go in for another one earlier.

“If the kid is rubbing their eyes a lot, if they get really sleepy when they’re reading, covering an eye, squinting, headaches, anything that,” said Dr. Stremick.

Dr. Stremick also says it’s important to take breaks when looking at screens and other close-up things to prevent eye strain.

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