NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — We know how important cybersecurity is… and why teaching it to us is vital. But what about our kids? In fact, North Dakota is going to be working on this.

According to State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, in 2019 North Dakota became the first state to adopt cybersecurity and computer science standards for every grade level.
But in 2023, state leaders want to push forward a bill requiring cybersecurity and computer science courses in order to graduate high school.
Baesler says that right now, 44% of North Dakota’s high schools offer computer science and cybersecurity courses.

According to Upguard, organizations are becoming much more vulnerable to threats in cyberspace. This is due to the increasing reliance on computers, networks, programs, social media and data globally. Data breaches and cyber-attacks have massive negative impacts and often arise from data that is not protected.

So, according to North Dakota, it is best to teach us when we’re young, and to always change the curriculum every few years. That’s because the internet and cyberspace are constantly changing.