MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — An event at a local bar and nightclub has been canceled after being labeled too sexually explicit.

A nightclub owner is out thousands of dollars after Minot City Council members and the Minot Police Chief shut down the ‘Girls Night Out’ event scheduled for Tuesday night, March 21.

The group that the nightclub owner Anthony Barrette hired is described on its website as ‘male dancers, embodying several female fantasies live on stage’. A section of the city liquor ordinance states that nudity, semi-nudity, and sexually explicit acts are prohibited in a licensed premise.

Council member Carrie Evans says her concerns are the audience interaction and participation aspects of the performance, citing city ordinance 18-199. But Barrette says the performers agreed to remain covered and stay on stage in order to meet the city’s guidelines.

“They said they’ve worked in areas that have very similar ordinances, and they were able to completely work within the ordinance,” said Drop Zone’s owner Anthony Barrette. “Then I was called and told I couldn’t do the event. That was on Friday and the event was supposed to be tomorrow. So, there’s a lot of money, a lot of advertising that already went into it, that I now just sort of have to eat.”

If you bought tickets to the Girl’s Night Out show, it has been moved to The Rope Lariat Bar and Grill in Velva and starts at 8 p.m.

Minot Police Chief John Klug encourages Minot residents and businesses to address potential ordinance violations early when planning for an event.