After the sudden closure of Glasser Images last week, many customers, contractors and employees were left in the dark about what’s next. Tuesday night, Glasser Images’ attorney released a plan to, what he says, “communicate with past customers and sub-contractors in an attempt to help solve some of their concerns and worries.”

A release provided by Tim O’Keeffe, the attorney representing Glasser Images, outlines three areas of concern.

First is for couples whose wedding photos and videos have already been shot. According to O’Keeffe, the company is attempting to make arrangements with sub-contractors to provide couples with their pictures or videos by giving these files to the sub-contractors to complete the processing.

He says there will not be any issues in providing the files since there will be no copyright issues with Glasser Images and the sub-contractors.

Second, for those who have reserved dates for the future, they may contact sub-contractors or other photographers directly. There will not be any issues with Glasser Images for those involved.

And lastly, Glasser Images also suggests former employees contact the state Department of Labor and contact Jack Glasser directly to get their belongings from the building.

He’s asking company employees to not destroy files or company property.

The release didn’t mention refunds or outstanding pay for employees.

O’Keeffe is scheduled to hold a Zoom Q&A with media Wednesday morning at 10:30.