Glasser Images owner Jack Glasser’s new attorney released a statement on his behalf, stating in part that the abrupt closure of his business is “extremely heart wrenching.”

Late Thursday, Glasser Images emailed their clients that they were closing immediately. The email included a contact to a Bismarck attorney for further questions.

Friday at about 6 p.m., KX News received an email from Glasser Images new attorney with the below statement:

“We’ve been in business for 16 years and up until Covid-19 hit, we were successful and growing, but then things drastically changed for the worse,” said Glasser. “We pivoted and made changes, but simply couldn’t keep up with our ongoing costs, debt repayment, salaries, rent and other business expenses. These factors have caused irreparable damage to the business and has forced us to make this decision rapidly. Closing our doors is extremely heart wrenching for me.

Their closing leaves many contracted employees unpaid and customers out of money and wedding memories.

Glasser Images had 150 employees and subcontractors, according to the statement.