A local mom and her special child are in a unique situation.

When Maran Blair gave birth almost two years ago, she had no idea of the journey she had ahead of her.

“I had Keegan and didn’t know about any of his medical conditions until he was born, so it was a lot to process,” says Blair on her son’s conditions, “I’m not going to name his whole list because it’s a lot but, he has Arthrogryposis, Microcephaly, Hypopnea, feeding tube, club foot. That’s just a few.”

Baby Keegan was born with multiple medical conditions that made mom a full-time caretaker. Their daily routines include difficulties that most of us couldn’t imagine.

Without a disability van, transporting Keegan and his wheelchair can be extremely challenging.

“He can’t travel safely. So it’s like, I need to get a van and hauling it in and out of a car, its heavy. It’s over 100lbs so if I could just wheel it in and out, its so much easier, plus it’ll make me a little bit more independent too,” says Blair.

Despite his conditions, Keegan is quite the ladies man and loves to see the world just like any toddler.
Keegan’s grandma saw what her daughter had to do to transport her son and created a GoFundMe to raise funds for a van.

“The mission of the Great American Bike Race is to help provide direct patient assistance to those who qualify,” says Sarah Haugen, Sanford Health Foundation Executive Director. “To qualify for GABR, the biggest thing is the disability has to be a childhood onset type of disability and has to permanently effect the development. We also help with vehicle modifications, so families can receive up to $10,000 from GABR in a five year period to help cover those modifications of a vehicle that their needing for their child.”

Since GABR can only assist with the cost of van’s alterations, Blair has planned an alternate fundraising event

“I do have a 5k fundraiser coming up to help us get a van too. It’s August 7th and opens up at shelter 9. The event starts at 10 am, you can run or walk it,” says Blair.

The 5K fundraiser will be held at Sertoma Park.

For the link to the GoFundMe, click here.