MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Recycling is an important part of protecting the environment, and recycling has been a discussion in Minot for years.

The city recently announced that a curbside recycling program is closer to becoming a reality in the Magic City.

A survey given to residents in March of 2020 shows that 65% of people in Minot would favor a curbside recycling program.

“People have been asking for this for 20 years in some cases. And we’ve been ready to start the process since about 2016. It wasn’t until 2020 when we finally got some additional data on the number of people interested and counseled approval to get this process going,” said Derek Hackett, the public information officer for the City of Minot.

A transfer facility is being built on the landfill to accommodate the recycling program.

The process will work just like regular garbage.

City workers will collect the recycled materials curbside and bring them to the new facility where the materials will be loaded into trucks and shipped to Minneapolis.

“The process isn’t short. We are constructing a transfer facility as we speak. It’s enclosed, walls are up. We have a recycling program coordinator starting next week already and now the real work starts. And that is ironing out the program and telling the residents what they can and cannot expect in getting them ready to understand how recycling will actually work in Minot,” explained Hackett.

Before the recycling program starts, 95-gallon bins will be delivered to Minot’s sanitation customers.

The containers will have different colored lids to differentiate them from regular garbage.

Taxpayers won’t be charged for the curbside recycling service for the first two to three months but will be charged $2-$3 a month depending on the size of your bin after that trial period.

“We just ask that people give it a go. That’s why we’re doing this trial run. I know there are strong feelings in both directions with recycling, there kind of always has been. But we’re moving forward with it and we think this will be an excellent program and a service to the community,” said Hackett.

Members of the City say Minot is the last big city in the state that doesn’t participate in a curbside recycling program, so they are excited to start giving residents a way to contribute to protecting the environment.

Recycled materials will be collected twice a month, replacing a garbage collection once every other week.

The new program is set to begin by July 2023.