Back in April, KX News reported on Mike Honeyman from Minot.
He was in a car accident on July 12, 2018, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury, making him unable to walk, talk, and a lot more.

KX News sat down with him and his wife to get an update on just how far he’s come in the past 14 months.

At last check about five months ago, it had been nine months since Mike’s accident and he was still in Nebraska in recovery treatment.

He was able to come home to Minot on May 10 and the milestones just keep on coming.

“Oh my gosh, a ton has changed since then,” Robyn Gust, Mike’s wife, said.

For example, Mike and Robyn had a wedding ceremony, his daughter graduated high school, and they’ve been able to get back to a lot of the things they used to do like camping, fishing, and concerts.

“We’re not going to stop doing those things that were important to us before, we just modify how we do it and roll with the punches,” Robyn added.

Mike is improving all the time thanks to his busy schedule. He’s got physical and occupational therapy three times a week, speech therapy twice a week, and he goes to hyperbaric treatment in Fargo as much as he’s able to get there.

Robyn asked her husband, “What do I call you when you’re in the hyperbaric chamber?”
They both laughed, “A test-tube baby!”
“Because he’s in a tube,” Robyn explained with a smile, “and then there’s oxygen and it’s under pressure and it’s supposed to help the brain and the body heal.”

The fact that he can talk is a big deal, too. A year ago, a major milestone was the fact that he could swallow on his own.

Today, he’s doing so much more.

(Robyn) “How about your clothes? Who puts your clothes on?”
(Mike) “Me.”
(Robyn) “You do, right. So being able to dress himself, and you wash your face, put on your deodorant yourself, right? Cause I don’t have to do that,” they both laughed.

Although the couple is still adjusting to a different way of life, they’re doing it together and with the help of many loved ones along the way.

Plus, Mike is working hard to be able to make it to Stanley for the fall sport he loves to coach.

(Robyn) “Is there anything that you’re looking forward to?”
(Mike) “Wrestling!”

And when KX News met with him, he said he’s got a special shoutout to some of his favorite people.
(Mike) “My sisters, I miss them.
(Robyn) “What about Austin and Brynn?” [Mike’s kids]
(Mike) “I miss them too.”

There’s still a lot of change in the works for Mike, one including a new home that he and Robyn will be moving into next month that they can modify to be more accessible for him.

His 38th birthday is next month too, and it looks like they’ve got a lot to celebrate.