Mandan, ND (KXNET) — Eleven Mandan High School seniors unloaded from a bus and walked in the hallways at Custer Elementary School, revisiting their roots where they too were once students.

“I attended Custer for one year during my 5th-grade year. I graduated from Custer, went on to middle school and now I’m graduating from high school,” Mandan High School Senior Julian Baron said.

“You could tell when they walked up to the building they’re excited because they don’t get a chance to come here very often,” Custer Elementary Principal Jamie Entzi said.

Now, for Baron, there’s nothing left but reflecting on the good times shared in the building.

“One memory I have is Mrs. Nagel that teacher: I brought her a poster board and instead of putting nice words, I put candy bars,” Baron said.

New memories are being made as each senior shared words of encouragement and the journey they’ve made from elementary school to graduating from high school.

“I wanted to make sure I told them was no matter what anyone says go follow your dreams. Whatever you believe in and go do it because you can,” Baron said.

Karen Nagel is a retired educator who taught for 35 years and 31 of those years she spent at Custer. She said she is proud and excited to have the opportunity to be reunited with her former students.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that they have been so successful in their school career and I was such a small part of that,” retired educator Karen Nagel said.

Baron said he is prepared to put behind the days as a senior and prepare for something even bigger.

“I had to leave my past graduates behind, my friends, it was kind of a big step in life, a big leap,” Baron said.

Baron said he is planning to join the Air Force and study management. The last day for students is on the 26th. Graduation is set for the 29th.