Hail Storm marches through Saint Anthony

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A severe thunderstorm moved through Saint Anthony causing damage to people’s homes and properties on Friday.

“We’ve built our house in 2000 and to see all the damage now and pretty much every window on the north side is broke,” said Lori Berger, Homeowner.

Lori Berger never thought she would be taping the windows on her home shut. But after a hail storm hit her farm in St. Anthony, her family is left picking up the pieces.

“It happened about 8 a.m. this morning and my daughter in law had brought her car in the garage. Two of my sons were here and called that the windows are breaking in the house,” said Berger.

Lori was at work when she got the news. That’s when she rushed home and saw every window on the north side of her home cracked, the thunderstorm even left marks on her trailer.

The family was hit with quarter size hail and a lot of wind. They have had hail in the past but nothing this severe.

“I don’t know when the last time when they got hail down here. It’s just really sad because this yard was just beautiful, with beautiful flowers and there is nothing left of any of it,” said Wanda Binstock, Family Member.

Luckily no one was hurt and her livestock is safe.

“Everything is replaceable,” said Berger.

The threat for severe weather will continue over the next couple days.

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