MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — There’s a class happening in Minot to teach people about real estate and it’s called Hannahs’ Housing Huddle.

People are learning about buying, selling and how to get a loan, and the topics for these classes are very timely too.

They are current issues people are dealing with in real estate at this moment. In Wednesday’s class, they discussed closing costs.

Closing costs deal with costs at the end of a real estate transaction including lender fees, pro-rated taxes and more.

Information like this simply helps home buyers and sellers understand the market a little bit more.

“I decided to start doing this it is a chance for people in our industry to get together and just learn together collaborate meet each other spend time with each other and learn topics on lending,” said Hannah Lautenschlager, the mortgage loan officer for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

In North Dakota, according to Fortune Builders, the Median Home Value is more than $278,000. And there are about 2,000 active listings in the state on average at any given time.