Some North Dakotans say they’re having issues verifying their identity through to file for unemployment which Job Service recently partnered with.

The Job Service communications officer says almost 98 percent of people who’ve needed to verify have been successful.

She says if you’re continuing to have issues, to contact for technical assistance because there isn’t much that staff at Job Service can do to help.

She adds that you may get a delayed payment, but you will be paid and Job Service will not process claims the old-fashioned way. You must use

The agency partnered with the organization to reduce the number of fraudulent claims.

“There are a lot of professional criminals out there who’ve bought identity information off the black web and so we’re just wanting to do everything we can to make it a safe environment for people. Our site has not been hacked. We haven’t had any security breaches on our end,” said Sarah Arntson, communications officer, Job Service ND.

She adds that it’s better to use Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer to access

If you’re having issues filing, click here.