HAZEN, N.D. (KXNET) — Across the state, city officials are preparing for the snow event that starts on Tuesday.

And in one rural area, public works is all set, ready, and waiting.

Hazen has two snow plows that cover the city limits once the snow accumulates about three to four inches.

The public works personnel will be divided into a day and night crew and the director says he hopes to have crews working 24/7.

The director also says he hopes to have the streets driveable a day and a half to two days after the snow starts.

“We do some salting and sanding beforehand. We just basically get all of our equipment ready and make sure everything is up and running, no major repairs needed and wait for it to happen,” said David Brousseau, the director for Hazen Public Works.

He says it’s helpful if Hazen residents don’t park on the streets, so the plows can fully remove the snow.