Hazy conditions are caused by wild land fires

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When you walked out of the house Tuesday morning, you may have noticed a little haze in the air. That’s because of the fires burning to the west.

These smoky conditions can be seen all over the country as several fires continue to burn.

KX News spoke with Ryan Mills, the Manager of Ambient Monitoring Program, Division of Air Quality, who said they are closely monitoring the conditions.

“Normally, as you go up n elevation the temperature gets cooler,” Mills said. “In a temperature inversion you have a cold front that moves in or a temperature front moves in and it could flip that upside down. And you’ll actually have sinking air and it will pull that air to the ground,” Mills said.

He went on to say as of right now, there’s nothing to worry about but a shift in the temperature can change all that and that we will continue to see these hazy conditions until firefighters are able to get everything under control.

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