A slow down of participants getting the COVID-19 vaccine across the state has some medical professionals worried about another case surge.

According to the CDC, as of July 2, 55% of those 18 and older living in North Dakota have their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 49% have their second dose.

Sanford Health’s Infectious Disease Specialist Avish Nagpal says those numbers fall short of our state’s herd immunity goal of 70%.

Nagpal says while COVID cases have significantly dropped over the last few months his fear is that a spike could happen again when people are back indoors come fall and winter.

His hope is that people get ahead of that possible surge and get vaccinated sooner or later.

“We have already seen that COVID-19 has not spared any county, any nursing home. There have been super spreader events all over the state. We have kind of reassured ourselves falsely that because of our less dense population we may be spared, but as we found out last fall we were among the states with the highest number of cases per capita,” Nagpal said.

Currently, North Dakota has 131 active COVID cases.