Nurses, doctors, and pharmacists are attending a two-day conference about how the state can change the way immunizations are handled. One way is learning about more comfortability when receiving that dreaded prick.

“I went to a session here today where there is a patch that you can put on someone’s arm and it distracts them, their mind and they don’t notice the injection,” North Dakota Department of Health Immunization Director Molly Howell said.

Howell said the conference addressed an array of topics such as not only improving the vaccine rates but also discussing preventable diseases like chicken pox.

“I think overall the shots aren’t fun, but it’s a lot better than getting measles or shingles or something like that. I think you have to put it into perspective about what you’re presenting,” Howell said.

So how does the state stack up with its vaccinations at this time?

“For kindergarten entry; we’re about 92 to 93 percent for MMR and Polio for kids entering kindergarten. When we look at our adolescence; North Dakota has a high rate,” Howell said.

And for COVID-19 vaccinations she says the state is nearly at 60% of North Dakotans who have started the vaccination.

“Immunizations are one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and every age group is recommended to receive vaccines when you’re looking at what you can do to stay healthy and continue to be able to be active and going to work and school,” Howell said.

Wednesday is the final day of the conference. About 100 attendees are also viewing the conference, virtually.