Heat exhaustion symptoms and treatment

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Seven firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion after battling the blaze at the Sunset Bluff Apartments. With the warm temperatures, heat exhaustion can happen to anyone and there are some symptoms you need to look out for.

Muscle cramps, dizziness, and sweating mean your body is overheating.
There are some things to do for treatment: cooling down, drinking fluids and removing yourself from the heat.

“We don’t get to pick our times when we work and we don’t get to pick how hard we work,” said Lonnie Sather, assistant chief, Minot Fire Dept.

“So, we take steps, we always have fluids on scene and try to rotate people more, give them a chance to rest because we can’t stop what we’re doing until we get it under control,” Sather added.

If symptoms persist, be sure to seek medical attention.

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