Many hands make light work.
For example, working on a warm meal for the many community members who are in need.

There are community lunches served every day of the week in Minot, each at a different church.

Click here for a full list of all community meals, served seven days a week, in Minot.

But, each one of those churches needs help that it can count on.

“What would you like for a sweet?” a volunteer asked.

Sweets are a plenty at Thursday’s community lunch at the All Saints Episcopal Church, thanks to gracious donations from the local Panera Bread.

But what there isn’t a surplus of is helping hands.

“This is a bigger community service than what our small church can handle on its own,” said Sara Bloom.

Bloom is the volunteer coordinator and said the magic number to feed the 50 to 70 people that come every Thursday is about eight volunteers.

Volunteer David Vanlith volunteer said the soup kitchen is pretty busy. “The last time I was dishin’ up soup and I was really busy for quite a while. Once things get started, it’s pretty fast-moving.”

It’s a pretty well-oiled machine, but only if there are enough hands to keep it moving.

There are usually about six volunteers every week, but the more the merrier. There’s a job for everyone.

“It’s a good opportunity for kids to help,” Bloom added. “My son Pip who’s 6 months old comes with me every week, so it’s a good opportunity for home school families or during the summertime we always need volunteers, so families can bring their kids during the summertime to help out.”

Volunteers can make the soup ahead of time, or come in anytime from 9:30 am to 1 pm on Thursdays to help prepare, serve, and clean up.

Whether it’s a personal connection to the cause, “My grandmother was a member of the church way back when I was a little kid,” Michael Nelson explained. “I have photographs of her at the bazaars down here in the basement and so it’s a part of the community and we need to preserve the things that we have,” or it just feels like the right thing to do with your time.

“It’s called paying it forward,” added Vanlith, the chance for many to have a warm meal wouldn’t be so welcome without the help of others.

Bloom said, “We wouldn’t be able to do this at all.”

Two Thursdays out of the month, volunteers from Bethany Lutheran Church and the Apostolic Faith Church dedicate their time to give a helping hand.

There’s always room for more, though, and there is, of course, two other Thursdays that don’t have a set group of volunteers.

To volunteer, call Sara at 701-833-8215.