BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Her favorite colors are red and blue, and nine times out of 10, she’s older than you.

While kids will be out trick or treating on Tuesday, one local will be blowing out 100 candles.

“It’s not for wimps,” said 99-year-old, Delia Vivian Mork Madland.

Delia is turning 100 years old this Halloween. Born in 1923, you can easily say she’s lived quite a life.

“I worked for Benson Optical and then I worked for the Commissioner of the Insurance at State Capitol,” said Delia.

And before her work life began, she was very active. As a young girl, she loved to play sports, especially basketball.

“I liked to play ball, and I did a lot of sports, “said Delia.

But, eventually, she settled down, with Cliff. She and Cliff traveled to almost every state in the nation, including Alaska.

She also took trips to our northern and southern neighbors: Canada and Mexico. But everything they did, they did together.

“Cliff was such a good dancer. We did a lot of polka. We liked the polka,” said Delia.

But how’d she do it, live to be 100, of course. Healthy food and lots of nice exercise, she did have an occasional drink, but she wasn’t one to drink at home.

Margret says she plans to follow her sister’s path.

“Well I’m 95, I’ll probably live to be 100 maybe,” said Margret McCormick.

As for Delia, she just hopes for continuous good health and mobility.

“I suppose I’ll live to be 100, that’s my main goal,” said Delia.

Wishing you, a spooky spectacular 100th birthday Delia. Congratulations!

Delia’s sister, Dorthy was the oldest sibling, but she says she did not live to see 100 years.

In her free time, you can find Delia reading or building puzzles.