On Tuesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended fully vaccinated people should revert to wearing masks indoors in places of “substantial” or “high” COVID-19 transmission rates.

The CDC says unvaccinated people should continue wearing masks indoors and outdoors, and especially in large group settings. 

So where in North Dakota should you be wearing a mask again per the CDC’s new guidance?

According to the CDC’s COVID Data tracker site, five counties in the state fall into the “high” (colored in red) level of community transmission category, this includes Mountrail, McLean, Sheridan, Dunn, and Logan Counties.

Source: CDC
Close up of North Dakota on the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker site COVID transmission data

Six more counties in North Dakota fall into the “substantial” (colored in orange) level of community transmission category which includes Divide, Ward, McHenry, Burleigh, Oliver, and Morton Counties.

No deaths, 75 new cases of COVID-19 in ND; active cases statewide are 402

All other counties not listed fall into the “moderate” or “low” (colored in yellow and blue) categories.

Map of United States from CDCs COVID Data Tracker site: COVID transmission data

The CDC reports there are 1,608 (49.94%) counties in the U.S. that fall in the “high” transmission category, 537 (16.68%) counties in the U.S. fall in the “substantial” transmission category, 797 (24.75%) counties in the U.S. fall in the “moderate” transmission category, and 277 (8.6%) fall in the “low” transmission category.