MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Friday and Saturday are two of the busiest days of the year to travel.

Even in our smaller rural airports, there will be double the number of travelers there typically is.

So, what can you expect as you head to the airport?

The Minot International Airport is working hard to get flights off the ground.

They tell us they have crews working 24/7 to keep ice off all the planes and runways.

Airline workers will be at the ticket stands two hours before flight times to accommodate unexpected situations that may come up.

They are asking passengers to arrive at the airport earlier than normal because of the weather and the volume of travelers expected.

“Nothing has been delayed or canceled as of yet. What the issue is right now is those really frigid temperatures. So, when it’s -40 degrees outside, with the wind chill, it’s really really hard for them to deice a plane that’s going up into the air where it’s even colder. And it can cause dangerous conditions. But they are really working their hardest to help get people where they want to go for the holiday season,” said Jessica Long, the business and development manager at Minot International Airport.

TSA screening is another reason to arrive early.

During the holidays it’s common for passengers to fly with gifts, tools, firearms, and even grandma’s homemade casserole.

And those types of things will require extra checking at the ticket counter.

“If you’re bringing gifts, put them in a gift bag, try not to wrap them because if you wrap them and the TSA thinks there’s something funky inside, they are going to have to unwrap them. And you’re going to do double the work. They’re not being Grinches, they’re just doing their jobs. If you want to bring a casserole, a pie, or even a fruit cake, you can. You can actually travel with food. It’s just going to take some additional screening,” explained Long.

Make sure to continuously check your travel itinerary and always track flight delays and cancellations.