June is Men’s Health Month.

While the health of all people is important, KX News is highlighting what men specifically can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone loves that juicy cheeseburger from their favorite place but for some, that could be a health risk.

“Heart disease is the number one risk factor as well as the number one killer across all age groups, specifically when you talk about men in their 40s to 75 years of age,” said Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Nayan Desai.

Dr. Desai says you may feel fine, but your body could feel otherwise. That’s why Sanford Health offers things like heart screenings.

“That’s a profile where they come in, they get their blood pressure checked, they get their EKG checked and if they have risk factors we do something called a calcium score, to kind of evaluate if there is hardening of the arteries,” Dr. Desai said.

He added that aside from eating healthily, it’s also important for you to stay on top of those annual physical exams with your doctor — even if you feel OK.

“The message out here is screening or normal health check-ups is for healthy people, it’s not for sick individuals, because when you are sick you go to your doctor regardless,” Dr. Desai said.

The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week.