Update, 6/24/20, 4:07 p.m.: This story has been corrected to reflect that Lisa Olson and Carrie Evans are the first female duo to serve as Vice President and President in the council’s history.

History was also made at Tuesday’s Minot City Council meeting. For the first time ever, two women were elected as president and vice president at the same time.

Lisa Olson has been the Vice President for the last two years.

She also nominated one of the new members, Carrie Evans as vice president and both were voted in.

“I am very honored. I think that this is a fantastic day for women in Minot. I’ve been an encourager for women to run for public office and for now to be given this opportunity myself, it’s great. I’m very honored,” Olson said.

Tom Ross and Stephan Podrygula were also sworn in Tuesday. 

Shannon Straight and Josh Wolsky are outgoing council members.