MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — In just two weeks, voters in North Dakota will show up to fill out their ballots. And a dairy farmer in Morton County hopes to make history and become the youngest lawmaker in the state.

Dawson Holle is just 18 years old but says he’s eager to come to Bismarck and serve in the state House of Representatives.

Just about every day, Holle keeps plenty busy.

“Last week, we actually had nine baby cows born,” Holle said.

The fifth-generation farmer is starting college, but he also helps run the operation at Northern Lights Dairy.

“I feel like we need action for dairy in North Dakota because we only have 41 farms left in the state,” Holle said.

Earlier this year, Holle started knocking on doors to get neighbors to back him in a run for the state house. And it paid off as he got over 1,000 votes in the primary.

“And people were very eager, they wanted fresh blood. They liked people who want a new challenge,” Holle said.

He’s 18 years old, but if elected, Holle would become the youngest lawmaker in the state.

“Overall, I think agriculture is my big thing, but what I want to do for a top bill issue is make sure every school in North Dakota says the pledge of allegiance. Because I think a lot of schools aren’t doing that,” Holle said.

If he’s victorious on election night, Holle knows it would be plenty of long days and short nights starting in January.

But juggling full-time roles isn’t new for Holle. He’s also studying business management at the University of Mary as well as helping run the family dairy.

“I think having the agriculture background has built me up to this position where I understand the task at hand,” Holle said. “And I’ll put in the effort and the long hours and get less sleep and drink as much coffee as it takes to get the job done.”

Holle will have his answer in just two weeks.

Holle is one of three candidates running for the House race in District 31, along with Karen Rohr and Mike Faith.

KX News contacted both Rohr and Faith requesting interviews, but they both declined.