North Dakota has many haunted house destinations such as the Horror on Harmon. Organizers have been transforming the space at United Tribes Technical College to be ready just in time for opening day.

“Halloween is my favorite; they take it to a whole other level,” United Tribes Technical College Dean of Instruction Sheridan McNeil said.

While the Horror on Harmon haunted house may be empty now, on opening day, hundreds will visit the site with volunteer actors ready to give you a scare.

“The haunt is a great event. We love getting the people together, the community together as well. Knowing that it’s for a good cause is a good feeling,” Horror on Harmon Creator Tom Braun said.

The tradition dates back to 2001 and since then has evolved into something greater. It also became a charitable cause.

There are multiple rooms with different themes leaving visitors clueless about what they will get themselves into, but dolls and clowns are some of what to expect.

“We believe that this is the scariest hunt in North Dakota. We have other hunts around the area and we believe that we are the scariest,” Braun said.

Starting October 28 till the 29th from 7 to 11 p.m. is when doors will open. The two-day premiere took two months to put together.

“We start in late August and clean up from the year before. We start doing rooms and things like that. It takes us two and a half months,” Braun said.

Heat has been added on-site this year and tickets are $15.