BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — On Wednesday, state historians and Native Americans were asking North Dakota lawmakers for money to pay tribute to an ugly incident from the state’s past. 

House Bill 1287 would give $250,000 to build a monument at Whitestone Hill, which is near Kulm in Dickey County. 

The Battle of Whitestone Hill happened during the peak of the 1863 operations against the Sioux or Dakota people in the Dakota Territories.

According to historians, General Alfred Sully, along with several calvaries, killed, wounded, or captured 300 to 400 Sioux, including women and children, with about 60 casualties.

If passed, the bill would provide the funds necessary for the monument to the state historical society, with the goal of recognizing Native Americans killed at the historic site.

“What’s important here is that it happened here. It happened, regardless of who won who lost, who attacked who, who escaped, on and on, what we’re simply asking for and for me personally as a descendent of my relatives who were killed that day it’s just a monument, simply a monument to commemorate those who have fallen that’s it,” said Executive Director-North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, Scott Davis.

The study and design plan for the project would last about 2 years, beginning July 1st of this year, and ending June 30, 2025.