As feet of snow cover the region, businesses have no choice but to keep their doors closed until it’s safe for owners and employees to travel back to the buildings.

The Market on 4th in Minot is one of those businesses.

The Market on 4th is normally at peak busyness in the Springtime and the holiday weekend. But because of the storm, sales came to a halt.

To make up for it, the owner put a 20 percent off sale on their website so people can shop from their homes
during the blizzard.

She’s not sure exactly when the doors will open again, but she hopes it’s sooner than later.

“My husband went by on a snowmobile last night and there was snow pretty much covering the whole front door. So we will see how quickly we can get the snow removed and get back to normal hours. We are hoping we can be open tomorrow but we’ll kinda see what happens,” said Kelsey Stone.

Customers can do in-store pickup or have their items shipped once the store is back up and running.

As plows are working around the clock throughout the city and to clear emergency routes, we hoping that means we are toward the end of the blizzard and places can finally start to open back up.