According to, a 2019 study shows about 20 percent of students between the ages of 12 through 18 were victims of bullying.

KX News spoke with one Mandan School resource officer on how this unwanted aggressive behavior is handled in schools.

Officials with the Mandan Police Department tell us bullying can happen anywhere from three to four times a day in schools.

Occasionally, it’s handled through the school, but when it’s been assessed as a criminal act, it’s handed over to officials.

“The consequences, I can’t speak on the school, what they do on their half of things. For us when it does reach us, it’s mainly to the point of where it’s reached harassment, or terrorizing, or to an assault. In those cases, we do charge out those individuals criminally,” Jessica Kraft said.

Cyberbullying is also happening in school.

Kraft says preventative bullying classes are being offered to students as a way to deter bullying.