NEW SALEM, N.D. (KXNET) — We first met K-9 Major back in July when he was just nine-weeks old. He’s grown a lot since then.

Major has been walking the halls of New Salem-Almont High School for over a week now.

Students and teachers say Major is passing with flying colors.

“I mean he makes me really happy,” said Bailey Heinrich, a senior at New Salem-Almont High School. ” I get to come to school and you get to see a cute little puppy every day. You get to pet him and I love him.”

Major is a Goldendoodle donated to the Morton County Sheriff’s Office by Montana Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

Major’s handler Deputy David Tomlinson says they are working on learning the layout of the school.

“Really just getting used to the school layout and the school culture. Getting to know the students and staff,” said Tomlinson.

And Tomlinson says everyone has adjusted really well with Major.

“They seem to be having lots of fun together and he seems to be doing his job,” said Tomlinson.

He kinda helps you calm down. I have two dogs of my own at my house and when my anxiety or stress
level starts to rise it just helps to curl up with the dogs, said Paiton Waterford, a 6th grader.

Major began obedience training in August through Bismarck’s PetSmart dog trainers.

He will learn advanced obedience techniques and other therapeutic techniques in 2023 through multiple accredited therapy K-9 programs.