BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Bismarck students didn’t have class today thanks to a teacher conference, which is why the North Dakota Gateway to Science hosted a science camp to help keep your kids learning even when they’re not in school.

At this camp, children were able to get their imaginations going by creating turkey hands with different materials at the camp, like paper, glue, and crayons.
The kids were excited to show off their crafty skills.
But there’s a lot more than just turkey hands at the camp.

Hope Burdolski, the senior STEM Educator, says they try to keep kids engaged and excited about learning.

“So, we are here at North Dakota’s Gateway to Science for our many STEM adventure camps, and we like to host these, because we want to inspire that lifelong learner and get people excited about learning. If we can continue that learning on a day off from school, we also have that opportunity to do the things that they don’t necessarily get to do in the typical classroom, so hopefully, it gets them excited to become a scientist in the future,” said Burdolski.

The camp will also provide a similar camp during a Christmas break, December 27th through the 29th.