How To Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden

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Now that plants and flowers are starting to blossom for the season, slugs are also out and are ready to eat. Which is why garden professionals advise you to be aware.

Slugs feed on almost anything in the garden, especially plants. They come out after it rains when plants are watered, and the climate is humid. Slugs also travel on slime and can be seen by their gray to dark brown body color.

Garden professionals say there are several ways to get rid of them by
using chemicals or a beer trap. If you pour a little beer into a container and leave it by your garden, slugs will eventually drink it and die.

Professionals also say they are good at playing hide and seek, and they like to feed at night and hide during the day.

“They are very hard to find. You have to make sure you check underneath your pots, rocks, and everything. When it comes to certain plants, they will eat the foliage away completely except for some of the veins and the leaves,” said Cyndy Nihill, Garden Professional at Plant Perfect.

When it’s too hot or during a drought, slugs will hibernate, or die off.

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