MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) —Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Three major holidays all in a row and because of that, our calorie intake goes up.

So how do we balance all these delicious meals and treats with a healthy lifestyle?

The holidays are a time for good memories, good people, and good food.

But, it can be easy to overeat and overindulge.

And with the holiday season, comes cold weather, so it could be hard to get motivated to go to the gym.

“The hardest thing is waking up and getting out of that warm bed. Once you get there, it’s like ‘okay, I can do this.’ Or find a workout partner where you know that you have to meet them and if you don’t go, they won’t go. So it’s also like put on you so we need to do this together,” said Sara Dufner, the owner of SOS Image.

SOS Image has a 24-hour fitness center, in addition to a full-service salon and spa.

And one gymgoer says hitting the gym depends on more than just motivation.

“Honestly when I first started, I thought that motivation would last throughout, but kinda learned throughout the year and a half that I’ve been working out that motivation is what gets you started and discipline is what keeps you going. So I feel like staying motivated is hard, but as long as you have the discipline, you can still push through,” said Trent Myer, a gym member.

Myer says his goals changed, once he continued on his health journey.

“Just lose weight and be happy with how I was, now it’s, I wanna be as good as I can be and there’s no end to that. So it’s just constant progression, motivation, discipline, everything. And I think it really fit my lifestyle and what i needed at the time and now that I’ve grown into it, I feel like it’s just perfect for my lifestyle,” said Myer.

With Halloween quickly approaching, you might feel bad for eating something as small as a piece of candy, but Trent and Sara say it’s important to do things in moderation.

“Say you have 10 pieces of candy, maybe cut that down to 5 and say, ‘Okay I’m gonna eat that today and maybe the next five tomorrow.’ But it’s more so about modifications and staying motivated in the gym is all personal, You’re like okay, I ate this many calories and now I’ve gotta burn more,” said Dufner.

And Myer agrees.

He says everyone is human and can eat junk food, it’s just important to have a balance with healthy foods and exercise.

Dufner says the atmosphere at SOS Image is what makes it different from other gyms.

She says everyone is friendly and willing to help.