NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The third week in March honors women’s military history week, which recognizes female veterans and encourages them to speak out about their service.

According to the state, North Dakota’s veteran population includes more than 6,000 women.
Women have played a key role in the history of this nation, especially in times of war.

Although many have fought and even died for their services, their efforts are often overlooked.
Dolores Mack joined the Navy in 1955, later retiring as a Chief Petty Officer.
She says women veterans have stayed quiet about their service for too long.

“It’s a time now for women to stand up and not be afraid to speak and be a part of our country. But we’ve always been in the background, and now we’re coming up to be equal and stand up for what we believe is right,” says Chief Petty Officer Dolores Mack.

If you are — or know of — a female veteran, have her take part in the “I Am Not Invisible” campaign. It talks about the history of women in our armed forces, and even has an oral history portion, which you can follow to listen and learn about some of our female heroes right in our own backyard.

To check out the campaign, click here.