KILLDEER, N.D. (KXNET) — A big area of the state has seen a lot of snow, so now we’re taking a look at what the weather is doing over on the western side of the state in Dunn County.

According to Dunn County road superintendent David Lym, it’s been snowing off and on all day, but it’s nothing that his crew can’t handle.

Lym says the Killdeer school system and employees in the Dunn County Courthouse also went home early.

According to Lym, the geography of the area plays a huge role in the amount of snow that they see throughout the county.

“You know, we have what we call the Killdeer Mountain. It’s like its own little ecosystem up there. It could be snowing up there and then on the south end of the county, pretty much nothing. Which, you know, right now, they’ve gotten about nine inches up there and you go down to the south end of the county and they’ve got maybe two or so, but we have to be careful with that, we have to watch out specifically for that, so we don’t assume that it’s good up there,” Lym said.

Lym says for your safety, you need to pay attention to road closures if you’re driving this winter, and don’t ignore them, they’re there for a reason.