It was a welcoming sight for skiers and boarders

Snow accumulation that the region hasn’t seen in years.

Ski and snowboarding enthusiasts wasted no time gearing up and hitting the slopes.

“It’s been kind of disappointing the first half not having that much snow. Having a nice pretty snow today has gotten mine and a lot of other people’s spirits up today,“ Snowboard enthusiast Cole Graner said.

“I’ve been waiting a while. It’s been two years since we got some decent snow. I was kind of hyped to do some tricks.” Ski enthusiast Brady Fleck said.

Skiers and snowboarders of all levels converged upon Huff Hills.

“I started skiing when I was about five, but when I realized snowboarding was around ten and I’ve been snowboarding since then,” Graner said.

“I learned how to ski when I was five years old in Big Bear Lake, California and took about 10 years off because I moved to the desert. When I moved back here, I’ve been skiing for the past five winters,” Skier Jake Purdy said.

The day was an occasion for veteran skiers and boarders to showcase their skills.

Twelve-year-old Brady has been snow boarding since age five.

He said there are steps to take from beginner to professional.

“A lot of practice, you need to shred every day and hit the slopes, you got to be good,” Fleck said.

Which is why he said consistency is key.

“I will try to come every single day. I have a couple of sports going on so I’ll try to come every day I can,” Fleck said.

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