The community has been rallying together through the blizzard across the state.

KX News talked to a resident who is extremely thankful for her neighbor’s help with the aftermath of the storm.

Michelina Putnam and her 73-year-old husband were born and raised in North Dakota. They’ve been through many winters and blizzards.

But Putnam says they wouldn’t have made it through all these storms without the help of their incredible neighbors in Minot.

She says they were out helping clear snow once this blizzard settled as well.

“We were out snow blowing early this morning and we had neighbors that came from across the street that came with their snowblower. They came and shoveled. We are very, very lucky to have the neighbors that we do,” said Putnam.

With Putnam’s husband being a disabled veteran, she says she doesn’t know what they would have done if they didn’t have the help they did.

The neighbors know his situation and they are always willing to lend a hand. Her plans for Easter to see her family wouldn’t have been possible without all the help.

“The older he gets, it’s hard on him. With the neighbors knowing they’ve been helping,” said Putnam.

But the neighbors didn’t stop with theirs — they cleared many driveways along the street.

And as they continued, they would stop to check on the Putnams throughout the storm and start clearing snow as soon as they could.

As neighbors came together to serve the community around them, Putnam says she’s touched and can not hold back her gratitude.

“It means a lot because after we got done when I went in the house, I broke down crying. To be that thankful to have people like this in Minot and in North Dakota,” said Putnam.

Since being in the military, Putnam says that she and he husband have lived in a lot of different places. She says they’ve been lucky to have always had such wonderful people around them.

The Putnams want their neighbors to know how grateful they are for everything they do, serving the community in every way possible.