In some positive North Dakota news, we’re introducing you to a pair of identical twins. These Navy veterans, now in their 70s, are not only brothers but life-long best friends.

Aside from actually living together, these two do everything together.

Every spring, fall, and summer morning, if you’re up early enough in the capital city, you might just be lucky enough to catch these two in action.

“Once I retired, he says we’ve got to get together and get some fresh air and some exercise together so we started this bike riding thing,” shared twin and Navy veteran Rod Storhaug.

That was eight years ago. Twins, Ric and Rod Storhaug still catch up over a morning bike ride day-after-day.

“Try to ride 20 – 36 miles a day, five days a week,” Rod added.

“For about 35 years we lived pretty separate. Like I said, we had our own families, children to raise…” explained Ric Storhaug, Rod’s twin and also a Navy veteran.

Just as they’re in sync today, these two were inseparable from a young age. They enlisted in the Navy at 17 in 1966, during the Vietnam War.

“To be stationed together you have to put in special requests, but we said, ‘No, we’re ready to go our separate ways. We’ve grown now’. Well, lo and behold, since we did not request to be together, they stationed us together the entire time,” Rod laughed. “Yes, I was homesick. But you know what? There’s nothing like serving with your best friend.”

“We got bunk beds when we were about 8-years-old, and I was in bunk beds until I was 21,” Ric added, laughing.

And their practically matching outfits say it all.

“We have similar taste in clothes, so if we go shopping separately, we’ll probably come home with something close,” Ric shared.

Rod laughed, “People ask us, ‘When did you stop dressing alike?’ And I said, ‘well, when I started to dress myself.'”

They have the same taste in outdoor recreation too.

“Most people just call us, ‘Hey…hey twin’, Ric shared.

“They kind of refer to you as ‘Ric-and-Rod’, like it’s one word. ‘Okay, yup, there’s Ric-and-Rod.. how about Ric-and-Rod?'” Rod echoed.

Well, as Ric and Rod said it best, they can’t help it. It’s just natural.

The guys tell us they’ll keep doing this until they can’t anymore.

And if you were wondering how they fair during North Dakota winters, these two still meet up and walk the mall together every day.