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Infectious disease specialist urges those with COVID complications to seek medical care ASAP

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An infectious disease specialist is encouraging those who are or think they are experiencing any complications due to COVID-19 to seek medical care right away.

Dr. Casmiar Nwaigwe says patients that go to Trinity Hospital will likely get an X-ray — adding that those X-rays are life-saving.

He explains that this is because the virus can cause pneumonia and that’s what they’re looking for in the X-ray.

Here’s an image of healthy lungs on the left (see in video above) and COVID lungs, with pneumonia, on the right.

The pneumonia is what brings oxygen levels down — sometimes way down — and Dr. Nwaigwe says the timing of treatment is crucial.

“Most people that respond to treatment, they respond to treatment if it was started early. If we delay treatment, or if the person doesn’t get to the hospital on time, which is typically the biggest problem that we have, they don’t get the hospital,” he said. “By the time they get to the hospital, there’s a lot of damage. Even if we start them on treatment, it really doesn’t have a whole lot of benefit.”

He says COVID-caused pneumonia is much different than bacterial pneumonia.

Bacterial usually affects just part of the lung, while COVID-caused pneumonia seems to affect an entire lung, and stressed that that’s another reason why seeking timely medical care is life-saving.

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