Instacart is a company that offers grocery delivery and pick-up service through a website and mobile app.

The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper. But deliveries are being hampered due to the snowstorm.

“I started doing Instacart two years ago when COVID hit because I was laid off of my job and it was a way to bring in some supplemental income and I continued doing it more when situations like this week with the snow storm obviously we’re not doing drivers Ed so I’m out of hours an as result, I try to do Instacart in a way to make up for those lost hours,” Patty Barrette said.

Barrette said she enjoys shopping. So that’s why she stuck with Instacart — but she said the pay is not worth continuing at times, especially during times like these.

“The base pay for me to go to a store, shop the order and deliver it for a typical order in Bismarck is $7,” Barrette said.

Barrette said she mainly depends on tipping while working but sees fewer people doing so especially now.

“We understand how tipping works and that but when it comes to bad weather like this, yes service is important and I think all of us try our best, to be the best shopper and do whatever is needed but there is that factor that we are, this is a luxury service so I need to know that if there’s an order out there that I’m gonna A, at least break even and that what is gonna cost me for my time and my gas,” Barrette said.

But she refuses to let the current conditions affect her customer service.

“It doesn’t affect the way I deliver, I’m, gonna deliver the same for each person, I’m gonna shop, I’m gonna look for substitutions,” Barrette said.

She also informed KX that she reached out to Instcart who in other states shut down the app for similar storms, with hopes that they would do the same here. They replied saying they will see about the issue, but have yet to cancel orders going out.

Barrette said even before the storm hit stores were out of chicken and other food items.

On Wednesday, DoorDash activated its Severe Weather Protocol and suspended operations across parts of North Dakota. Services are suspended at least until Thursday.