Believe it or not, interest in alternative fuel is growing in the Peace Garden State. That’s partially thanks to a Volkswagon settlement.

Back in 2016, Volkswagen was found guilty of violating the Clean Air Act by cheating emission standards in close to 600,000 vehicles they sold.

3,100 of those vehicles were in North Dakota.

The state was handed $8.1 million as a part of a nationwide Environmental Mitigation Trust to make up for those few thousand vehicles. $1.25 million is now funding infrastructure for electric cars in the state.

The DOT gave a brief update to the ag and transportation committee on Thursday on the 17 charging stations that are being built across the state.

“Well our part was really to study what’s going on, look at: are the current laws conducive to bringing in electric vehicle chargers and report that back to the legislature. And so that’s what we’re trying to do is to work with industry to try and figure out what should be the future of North Dakota,” shared Steve Salwei, Transportation Programs Director for the NDDOT.

Verendrye Electric in Minot will be holding a ribbon cutting for Minot’s first station on Monday.