MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The wheels on the bus are going around and around all through the country as the founder of a non-profit hit the road.

Annette McNamara is using her mobile photography studio, which doubles as her second home, to document stories of strangers for her Beautiful Strength photo project — and she made a pit stop in North Dakota.

In 2018, McNamara decided to create a “this is me” photoshoot of herself.

She posed in front of a board where she wrote how she wants the world to see her. She posted the photo on social media with no filters or photoshop and was transparent to her audience about her body image issues.

In that moment, her movement was born.

“This whole point of this project is to release your story. To tell your story, but also release it and own it. And be able to, once it’s out there and you write about yourself, and you write it whatever you feel and how you want the world to see you, it’s a lot of healing that goes on there,” said McNamara, the creator of Beautifulstrength.org.

After photographing a small series of “this is me” pictures, McNamara realized the need to expand her project and made it mobile.

She bought a school bus she named Atticus and renovated it into a tiny home.

She is on a cross-country tour to 48 states to practice her mission of self-love and empowerment.

“We’ve used it for PTSD, we’ve used it for childhood illness and grief and loss. But also, celebratory places, like body positivity. There’s a lot to celebrate, and we all get one life to live. And for us to be able to connect with other humans that maybe don’t look the exact same as us, I mean you can really tell that people are a lot more alike than they are different,” she said.

The goal is for people to stop into her studio on wheels, snap a photo and they compose notes, quotes or thoughts around their portrait.

McNamara says through these works of art, a layer of vulnerability is revealed, and she has seen the world in a different way.

“I hope that this continues to be able to be something other people can learn from. I don’t know who is watching this project but I really hope that they see like wow, the world is better than what I think it is,” she said.

McNamara hopes to complete her 48-state journey by the end of August.

She’ll be taking pictures in her bright pink bus in the Magic City until Wednesday, then she is off to her hometown Nashville.

You can find the Beautiful Strength project below: